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Life is interesting. Nothing is stationary. New things happen constantly all around us and in our lives.

This page will be used to keep you informed about new events in my life I consider interesting in all fields; books, films, music, paintings, new people I meet, traveling..., if by chance you would like to follow me on my road of life. Wonderful would it be if we could walk a while together..


My information will be posted here.

I have added a music page where you can listen to music I love. Click here to go to the page.

Now is time to move again. I will be away a couple of months, October and November, first to Paris then to some sunlit and warm land, probably Bali where I stayed also in November 2011. I will report here about my journay with hopefully beautiful and memorable photos and videos. So check this page permanently.




Astute words to bring with you on your journey. This is the one of today, Wednesday April 25, 2018:

: Try not to become a man of success but a man of value.-Albert Einstein-