what to see
paris by night
France is beautiful. France has it all - enviable beauty, refined architecture, cultural sophistication, and infectious romance. Every little corner of the country is worth visiting regardless of season, and deciding on a compact itinerary given all those unmatchable attractions can really give you a hard time.
The organization “Open Travel” has compiled a list of top 25 things to see or do on your France Vacations. It corresponds exactly to my own opinion. I could not have made a better choice myself I am sure it will convince you of the country's uniqueness and help you to plan your trip. France is not just a recommendable destination, but a definite must on the list of both an amateur tourist and a conscientious traveler. When you see these pictures you will understand why I love France and why I have lived there so long.

So off we go to visit France most beautiful and interesting places. Here they are:

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