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Life is beautiful in Provence.

BaliProvence in the South of France is a region close to my heart. I have spent there so many happy and blissful moments during my summer holidays and the yearn to come back over and over again can never end.
I have added Provence to my travel page as I have travelled there so often.
It is a sun-soaked region marked by azure Mediterranean waters and cobalt blue skies, fields of deep purple lavender, bright sunflowers, poppies, and olive and lemon trees, and was a famously favored region for impressionist painters like Van Gogh and Cézanne, who used the pervasive light and stunning palette of colors to paint their vivid landscapes.
The local population singing dialect and hospitality and the crickets constant praise to heat and sun is another strong contribution to the region's attractiveness and popularity
It is no wonder Provence is one of the most popular areas to visit in France.
Here is a slide show of the top 15 sites I love and I recommend seeing when you go to Provence.

15 sites to see and admire in Provence..


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