Fine arts
fine arts
Life without Fine Arts would be gray, sad, monotonous, dull and almost meaningless.
Fine Arts enrich our lives, make it more beautiful, more expressive, more meaningful.
All my life I have devoured books, music and films.

FAVORITE BOOKS?  Hard to say, I am reading more in philosophy and psychology (Ancient and Early Modern) these days than fiction. But, I love Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Pushkin,  Proust, Virginia Woolf, Montaigne, Camus, George Orwell , Gustave Flaubert and the Swedish authors, Wilhelm Moberg and Astrid Lindgren,

 I do like old movies. I have a hard time with contemporary acting styles unless they are perfectly done.

My taste for music?
Oh, my God! MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC, I could never have enough. I love music. I think that’s something I got from my father. He was a violin player.  You see my preferences in following pages.

I would never miss the opportunity to admire the great masters’ works in the museums in Paris, Madrid, Florence, St Petersburg and London.