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Bredåker is the name of my village. Life is simple, beautiful and healthy in my village. Nature is all around, rivers, lakes, forest and mountains. The nearest city is Boden, 20 kilometers away. The nearest airport is Luleå, 60 kilometers away. The contrast between seasons could not be greater, Northern Lights wintertime and Mid Night Sun summertime. Come and see and enjoy. You will not be disappointed. You are very welcome.

solmorgonBredåker is an old farming community located on the Lule River valley about 22 kilometers northwest of Boden. A bridge now connects North and South Bredåker, earlier there was a ferry service between the north and the south side of the river.
In the 19th century there were around 80farmers in the village living from agriculture and livestock.
There are still fine “Norrbottengårdar”  dating from the 1500 century  and ancient remains have been found in the village's proximity. There are several entrepreneurs and today only two farmers in Bredåker.
Lule River offers good fishing and scenic surroundings offering a chance to active outdoor life.
680 habitants live here divided into 333 on the north side, and 347 on the south side of the Luleå river,
Today there are only 2 farms with milk production left in  Bredåker, most people living in Bredåker have today their jobs in Boden and Luleå. Several old houses remain, albeit in modified form, and many old farm names are still in use. Otherwise, many of the old farms are now habited by pensioners, New modern houses have been built in the village since some decades.  Young couples with children return and choose to live in Bredåker when they start a family. These new villas drastically alter the old peasant village's appearance. It certainly is positive and necessary with this move. Otherwise the village would rapidly be depopulated.
See following slide show to see some pictures of the village.

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