bali sunset

Life is beautiful in Bali.

BaliBali, the "island of gods", is still breathing charm and beauty. It is one of the smaller islands of the Indonesian archipelago, but remains by far the most coveted by tourists, while Lombok begins to point the tip of its nose.
This little paradise brings together all the essential  elements to a successful holiday. Beautiful beaches, extraordinary volcanic landforms covered by forests, hills with terraced rice fields where the curves are dancing with the light, lively and authentic culture and above all, a population of astonishing kindness. Wonderful too is the taste of Balinese arts and harmony.
Despite the tourist invasion of the southern beaches, the Balinese have lost neither their calm nor their customs. Found in front of every shop, on bridges, on the edge of rice fields or on the altars adorn the gardens of the daily ritual offerings. Bali is certainly one of the last places in the world that, despite the tourist boom, has not completely sold its soul ... The island's main interest is to discover its immemorial traditions on the background of beautiful scenery. One has to take his time to explore the nooks and small roads, soaking up the atmosphere of a village, identify preparations for a religious festival or a wedding. Then you have the chance to perceive the real Bali rice fields and rituals, ceremonies and dances at night, this very different world is far away from the views exclusively frequented by tourist groups.

I was in Bali in November and the beginning of December 2011 and took many pictures. Here they are.

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