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Life is at its best when you take part in activities in Lapland, summer and winter,

winter: dog-sledging, snowmobiling, skiing, northern light safaris

summer: walking, canoing, midnight sun safaris

Winter experiences December to April

snowmobileTravel by dog-sled from the center of Luleå, Jokkmokk or Kiruna straight out into an exhilarating archipelago or forest adventure. Or take part in a snowmobile safari through a snowy arctic landscape. Or why not take a winter dip after a steamy hot sauna? Or take a drive on long ice roads and eat your dinner in a Sámi tepee on the ice?

Dinner on Ice – In Swedish Lapland we do things our way. We serve a three-course dinner with wine in crystal glasses, with candles in silver candelabra, in a Sami tepee out on the frozen Gulf of Bothnia. We chill the champagne in a hole in the ice, and dinner is often accompanied by the spectacle of the Northern Lights.  And best of all– you're invited!

Pack Ice Safari - during the winter, enormous blocks of snow and ice are pressed together by the wind and the severe climate in the outer archipelago. Professional guides take you on snowmobiles, dog sleds or by car across the ice to the pack-ice banks which can rise to 15 meters. Climb up and enjoy the view and the arctic climate! With any luck you will see some seals.          

hundspannDog sledding – Our friendly dogs are eagerly waiting to whisk you away on an unforgettable adventure passing through deep Lapland forests or across the frozen sea. You sit secure on the dog-sled and can marvel at the silence, the freedom and the silence in tune with nature.      

Snowmobile safari - Your snowmobile carries you on a trip through the Arctic landscape, to destinations otherwise inaccessible. 

Driving on ice – Professional instructors take you through the fun and educational thrill of test tracks where you can improve your winter driving on real lake ice or sea ice. Are you in control of the car? Can you get out of a skid? Can you make it round that moose?


Summer experiences May to September

canoeingGlide along in a sea-going kayak across the tranquil water, take an exhilarating dip in the sea and enjoy and archipelago dinner of fresh caught salmon – far out on the open sea. Or play an unforgettable “night-time” round of golf beneath the midnight sun.

Golf and of the midnight sun – In Swedish Lapland you can play golf round the clock thanks to the midnight sun (June - July). Luleå has one of the world's northernmost golf courses, with both an 18-hole and 9-hole course.

Archipelago tours – Luleå Archipelago has more than 700 isles and islands and offers a genuine archipelago environment with ancient fishing villages and lighthouses, as well as archipelago nature, museums, art galleries and restaurants serving traditional Norrbotten delicacies. There are both scheduled and charter boat tours.

gammelstadGammelstad Church Town - Gammelstad Church Town is a remarkable survivor among the Church Towns that have existed in northern Scandinavia. Gammelstad has more than 400 church cottages grouped around the late medieval stone church. In the Church Town environment it is easy to drift into the past. In addition to the church and church cottages, we find an open-air museum, old-time restaurants and several local craftsmen practicing ancient handicraft

Shopping and entertainment – The center of Luleå has a big flora of shops, cafes, nightclubs and restaurants – all within walking distance. There are also expansive commercial parks just outside the center.

Have a look at some more pictures of Lapland and Lapland activities in following slideshow.

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