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Life is beautiful .

I have two countries, Sweden and France

sunriseMy name is Bo Johansson and I was born and raised in a farmhouse in a small village, Bredåker named, 20 kilometers north of the city of Boden in Norrbotten in northern Sweden. The farm is the oldest family farm in the village dating back down to the late 1400's. I grew up among calves, cows, horses, pigs, sheep and chickens, even dogs and cats. So did all the children of my age, Bredåker was a living village then. Some 80 farms were in the village at my birth. The peasants lived on agriculture and animal husbandry, hunting and fishing were also a source of income besides agriculture.

Today there are only two farms left in the village, they produce just as much today as 80 farm 70 years ago. I grew up, went to school in Bredåker and enjoyed my life. The proximity to the animals was a positive and enriching experience. Children and animals have a stimulating effect on me. I had no lack of playmates,

However, when I was maybe 3 or 4 years old, I was informed that I had no father, he died when I was only 2 months old. My mother remarried two years after my father's death. I learned that my mother's new husband was not my father but my stepfather. It was weird. A kind of emptiness and regret appeared that has followed me during my whole life.

When I came to the world my life was probably mapped out. I was supposed to go into my father's footsteps, and before him all of my ancestors' footsteps. I would be a farmer, me too, however, this did not happen,

Bo 19 yearA division of the estate took place when I was 6 years old that definitely made a peasant life impossible to me . All outbuildings, a wood shed, log cabin, barn, hay shed, barn and stables disappeared. My parents' home became a cottage.

Then it was decided that I would receive training for any other profession. I continued my schooling at the College of Boden to take matriculation and continue university studies. The beginning was adventurous. I got to ride in the morning with a truck that drove the milk to Boden, Twenty kilometers took over an hour. Often, I had no choice, even in extreme cold, but to sit on the truck’s platform among all the milk bottles ..

During my school years, Sweden was an isolated and landlocked country

It was war and occupation of neighboring countries and all around the world. When peace came, great was the desire to overcome isolation and look around the world. I was also arrested by this lust. The result was a bike ride to Paris with a friend. The bike tour would be devastating. My life became different than what was intended because of this bike ride.

I got sick in Paris, saw almost nothing after a long and adventurous filled bike ride. I ended up among many other risky events in the great bicycle race "Tour de France" during the trip, which was strictly forbidden ..

Bo 23 yearThe disappointment was great, but also the decision to take damage again when the opportunity came, this happened 6 months later. I had been in a devastating situation and had the strong urge to change environment. So I came back to Paris again, and decided to remain in the country.



I met a French woman, married her, went to a college called "Sciences Po". .Four French Presidents have attended the same school: Jacques Chirac, Former President of the French Republic, François Mitterrand, Former President of the French Republic, Georges Pompidou, Former president of the French Republic and Francois Holland, Present President of the French Republic

After I graduated from Sciences Po, I have worked as a sales manager and managing director for French and Swedish companies. I have lived in France for over 50 years and 4 years in Stockholm during my career. I am a widower since 15 years. I lived with my wife for 46 years. Now I am retired and live in my parents' home in Norrbotten since 2 years. I have a daughter and three grandchildren who live in Paris. You can read more about my life on the page "My Life in France".